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November 11, 2008



I'll admit I've always had a weak spot in my heart for Arnie, but even objectively I don't think he should get blamed for not doing enough for Prop 8 before the vote. The big mystery that has everyone a little ashamed and confused is how the pro gay marriage side didn't fight as hard, loud or expensive a campaign as the haters before the vote. Maybe we took for granted that gay marriage would be allowed in California, or were dealing with actually getting married, or the issue was outshined by supporting Obama, or maybe it was an under the radar, "win more flies with honey" thing where we were afraid of being too outspoken and provoking critics. A lot of it had to do with the strategy of pro-8 not coming out with the most shocking, intense and false ads and promotions until just before the vote when we had been lulled into a sense of confidence and it was nearly too late to film and stage rebuttals to the lies. I don't know, but Arnie certainly isn't the only one speaking up too late, and no one should be criticized for speaking up now. It is better late than never and everyone who believes in equal rights will need to be united for the next phase in this instead of picking on each other.


Arnold's no fool. He worked in hollywood for years, he loves the gays.

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I don't mean any disrespect, and I am glad to hear of his support, but Keith never had any dog in that fight...Arnold did. He didn't support Prop 8, but he did it very quietly. Governor Schwarzenegger could have come out and helped fight it, but he kept out of it. Great motivational speech, but you have to TRY and lift the weight, not just think positively about lifting it.


i'm sorry but i fail to truly appreciate what you called "being a hero"...or perhaps by view of a hero played by arnold is a little bit outdated. this speach is hardly a speach that is expected of him, but there is no hero-iness in it.

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