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October 15, 2007



dwh75, I'm not a huge fan of Oprah, but I don't think her viewers are quite the same demographic as the scary reactionary booing - CDs - steamrolling crowd from way back when.[shudder]

I reckon those were Christian fundamentalists of various stripes with the help of the conservative corporate radio owners who stirred up the so-called backlash to Sinead's SNL protest.

Oprah's fans are Middle Americans who aren't close minded.


Thx for blogging about this!

I was really excited when I opened up the ol' OPRAH Tivo folder and saw that Sinead was dropping in. It's a big deal on multiple levels: not just the fact that Sinead is talking about this dark struggle/chapter in her life, but that she's doing it in front of the very same demographic that tore her to shreds (ie. judgmental and generic middle-Americans who can't stomach 'difficult' pop stars). I hope this helped that demo to see her in a new light.

And lets give Sinead props -- those first two records are still genius. And she's been making good music since, just nobody's paying attention.

PS - Pissed I didn't see/slept on her recent LA perf @ the Orpheum. Heard it was spellbinding.

And lets face it, the Pope was an asshole. I thought it was a hoot when she ripped up his pic on SNL!


My goodness...her voice sounds so much gruffier compared to her songs...very interesting though, §i can't say that I've actually watched an interview with Sinead outside of her appearance on SNL and that whole ripping up the pic of the pope thing...

fuk religion

kneel down and pray? i'm so sick of how USA manipulates ignorant people though religious crap that's liles lies lies... religion is the shiat of the world

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