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August 04, 2012


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Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.


Micro lending has caught on even with banks and other financial institutions.

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Because nowadays the teachers are not short of salary, they are actually lacking of the social values.

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Hiya! I am so excited to get to know if you have a lot of subscribers to this blog?

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when a knock on the door could presage a death sentence or years in a labor camp in Siberia."People are saying it's like 1936 but that is not true. Life is much more free now," Alexeyeva said.She said such intimidation, and big fines for protesters who step out of line, would not deter the opposition."It's the beginning of the end. I think he (Putin) has two years more (in power),"

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Je hebt zeker een aantal aangename meningen en opvattingen. Uw blog biedt een frisse kijk op de subject.Have je nagedacht over de invoering van een aantal sociale bookmarking knoppen om deze blogs. Tenminste voor google.I echt waarderen artikelen op uw site. Je doet het prima! Thanks a lot.

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Je dois d'écouter ces morceaux. Pas assez récemment de nouvelles chansons à écouter.

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Madanna canción suena bien, muy aficionado a ella.·

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Bhí dúil mhór agam, áfach, ar an seó don chuid is mó, siopa candy agus killer álainn a bhí mo faves. Tá mé ag súil go mór féachaint ar an gceolchoirm i Seattle.

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Man Jag älskar din artikel och det var så bra och jag ska spara det. En sak att säga fördjupad analys som du har gjort är mycket remarkable.No man går det där lilla extra i dessa dagar? Bra gjort. Bara en förslag som du canget ett Översättare Ansökan för din globala publik.

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Apsveicu par norīkošanu šādu noderīgu blogu. Jūsu emuārs ir ne tikai informatīva, bet arī ļoti mākslinieciska pārāk. Tur parasti ir ļoti pāris cilvēku, kas var rakstīt nav tik viegli rakstus, radoši. Sekot līdzi labu rakstīšanas! Hei tur! Esmu darbā sērfošanu ap jūsu emuāru no mana jaunā iPhone! Tikai gribēju pateikt, es mīlu rīdinga caur jūsu emuāru un ceram uz visiem saviem amatiem! Keep up lielisku darbu!

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I love watching exhibition when it comes to art and designing see their brains working as well.


Great choice of tracks.
I agree about the whole speech, I love her but I get tired of her getting so political and trying to make statements.
I however loved the show for the most part, candy shop and beautiful killer were my faves. I am looking forward to seeing the concert in Seattle (First time here since 84). You have to admit she is a show girl and always delivers in concert.
Perform Madonna, don't give speeches!


I think you and I are probably at the same place. While I have fond memories of Madonna in the past, I just can't get on board with the more recent history. Great stuff on the playlist...for my money "Til Death Do Us Part" is pop music nirvana.


Amazing mix. Thanks for sharing! It's funny, I have always eaten up every Madonna album that has ever been released...until MDNA. I actually really like Hard Candy for the most part and, while some say she phoned it in, I still think the melody, beat, and heart were there. MDNA just seems vapid to me (except for one or two tracks). It makes me sad but I guess I'm not surprised. This disappointment has also led me to revisit and REVEL in her back catalog. So I really appreciate this post. I'm not counting her out yet and and do have tickets to see her in Vegas in October. But I was just bored throughout her Paris show and I'm hoping there are better bits in the full one. It's hard to keep being amazing over a 30 year career but I think (hope) we will get some more bits of greatness in the future. Love that you included Intervention, Inside of Me, and Physical Attraction!

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