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March 08, 2007


gusty for

oh la la !


If you do not wish to receive similar messages please inform us on it by mail ban.site[dog]gmail.com


hey hope both carries are well


Oh my God. The real Carrie Fisher reads your blog!!! How cool are you?!?!?!

Would you mind if I adopted a pet and named it Carrie Fisher as well? It's the sincerest form of flattery, you know.

Me copying your idea. And the "name a pet after you" idea. Both are full of flattery. :)

P.S. Hope the canine Carrie is feeling better.

Carrie Fisher

This is the human Carrie Fisher, hoping that the dog by the same name is feeling better. I and had some extra time on my hands so tragically looked myself up and came across your ailing pet.

FYI, my grandmother had the awkward taste to name HER poodle Princess Leia and I hesitate to report that she came to an unfortunate end.
Hope your dog and I fare better and that she's up and around soon.


Hope Carrie Fisher is doing better now...


I'm laughing, but the laughter is only a front for my tears. -C

Fightin' Mad Mary

I'm sending much love through the internet to little Carrie right now!


My sweetie pie is the love of my heart. I feel your pain when she is sick and can't tell you how she is feelings. Lots of love from me! xoxo


Kobey-Rose and I are sending lots of love to you and your little Carrie Fisher.


I'm yrying to contact Carrie Fisher. Is there an email address for her? Or can she contact me?


poor Carrie. Luckily she has great parents who will be making good decisions for her health. I bet ya'll can work out the mdes so she's not so groggy.

What a sweetheart she is. You can't really be depressed around a dog like that. She needs her own blog really...


Aw, sorry to hear that.

At the moment, though, your dog and I have a lot in common.


the story about cf the dog tears at my heart and truly saddens me. she is a cutie and i hope she's feeling ok.

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