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November 20, 2005



thought it was'nt bad at all


the lyric is "if i were a man, i could be president" get your facts straight


It is a groovy track, frivolous lyrics, somewhat pointed at Bush, I love that twangy bassline & gittar. The chorus is all that -0 the lyrics could do with some work but it has all the potential of being a great Madge hit. It should have been on Candy Shop.

I sue this track tow orkout. Gotta move to it.


Ok... I may have just, umm, accidentally (??), downloaded this under the false pretense that it was the new song "Give It 2 Me" and I have to say... it has quickly become one of my favorites on the new album! lol I was shocked to find out that people didn't like this. It actually fits right in with the rest of "Hard Candy". That synthy pop bassline is HAWT and it makes me want to strut my thang down the street. I'm said to think that there won't be a video for this song...or at least one that I can see because it looks like YouTube has taken some video of that song down... :(

If ya want to reach the top...
(reeeeach the tooooop!)
If you do you'll never stop!
(neverrrr stooop!)

It's hot.


I actually "get" the song. Not only does it have a good beat and digs on Bush, but she seems to have chosen the lyrics pretty well. "If I was a drink I'd be a lemon drop" totally fits her: she's bitter sweet. The Lion probably fits in with her horoscope, and I think the other people are real inspiration for her. I dislike; however, the fact that she sounds like she's gonna run for President...she should have just kept it in the one verse and not harp on it so much; I mean, we get it...Bush sucks!!




I think it is funky. Good work since it is super pop not anythng you want it to be.


It's okay. I liked the beat Not exactly stupid slop (couldn't help myself)


It's SOOOO SIDEWALK TALK meets IN THIS LIFE..but with improved vocals.


What the hell are some of you on about madonna is a legend and the best of the best.the song is fun and catchy. She is an artist who would rather spend time sending a eye opening message out to the world than just sing her songs. without her a lot the world wouldn't be awake to the terrible things going on in this messed up world. She also has great personality and charisma that gives her the power to make a funny yet serious song about the stupid president of america today.


You know......in typical british and american fashion, people tend to look at the picture (headlines?) and not the substance (the actual story). I think this is why people don't give Madonna credit where she deserves it. It'
s really sad, considering she has grown into an artist with a message.


To all of you suckas that thought this song was bad, wake up and smell the fucken coffee! Everything that "Madonna" does is different! I personally "LOVE" it! SO to all of you haters Back off Bitches! Madonnas Hot and She rocks my world!


To all of you suckas that thought this song was bad, wake up and smell the fucken coffee! Everything that "Madonna" does is different! I personally "LOVE" it! SO to all of you haters Back off Bitches! Madonnas Hot and She rocks my world!

salina lorne

this song is awesome...
like really,
i love it.
there are definately more ridiculous songs to pick on.


I love this song


I like this song! And I love Confessions Of A Dancefloor. However, American Life was better.
Some of the lines in Super Pop makes no sence, but what tha hell... It's Madonna. And don't you just love her?


OK, the lyrics are.... unique. The chorus is great though, and hopefully Madonna will re-do this song and release it on her next album, or before. I enjoyed it though, it has a good beat, and is completely dance-able.... and being a Madonna fan myself, I totally enjoyed her funky lyrics : )

Sebastian Espinoza

For those who are hating on this song... Its just a song... if u don't like it, then don't listen to it... its that simple... just don't waste your time hating when u can just ignore it... get a life and pay attention to things u DO like...


so this song is a guilty pleasure of mine. its funny and egotistic. i, however, think this track and I Love New York should be released under "Modonna: Greatest Fits"
they just dont fit the sophisticated theme of Confessions on a Dancefloor, which already is a lame album title for me.

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